Who Is Loving Our New Kid's Backpack...And What They're Saying

The new year calls for a new backpack for your mini! Do you have a little one heading off to daycare for the first time this year? Or perhaps it's the preschool or kindergarten milestone ahead. Maybe you're facing the emotion of your "not so little" one starting "big school" this year! When it comes to choosing the perfect backpack for your child there's so many things to think about, luckily, we spent A LOT of time perfecting The Mini Society Kid's Backpack, so we hope we've ticked all your boxes when it comes to choosing the ideal backpack for childcare, pre-school, big school, sleepovers and adventures. Little people need a lot of stuff, so we've designed our kid's backpack to comfortably carry the load (be it lunch boxes, changes of clothes, nappies and bottle, or school books, lunch bags and games), and whilst it's all very well to fit it all in, we've created a backpack that even your littlest will be able to carry! You know we love organisation, and when it came to creating our kid's backpack, we wanted to ensure all the right pockets in all the right places, with zips and pockets that little hands can easily use themselves. Let kids be kids, our backpacks can take it, they're designed to be as tough as your kid; durable AND easy to clean. Stylish and timeless, we've made these to last, not just in how hard wearing they are, but also in their design, a look you're going to love just as much as your mini, in gender neutral, minimal designs, so they will last AND be loved for years to come.

We get it, you might not want to take our word for it, so here's what these Mumma's have to say about it, and how their mini's are rocking their new backpacks. 

school bag

@brogankate “Super cool, modern/minimal backpacks perfect for your mini. All the organisation pockets and side drink bottle holders. I’m a little jealous! Love them, love the fabric as well, easy care. I'm obsessed with this colour (taupe). Mumma's these backpacks are the best!”

@mummy_mya “They are gorgeous backpacks. How good are these colours! My favourite part has to be the fabric! You can easily wipe them down and keep them looking brand new. Unlike those backpacks that end up dirty, grimy and with holes in them only after a couple of rough months at daycare or school. They are also so lightweight and a great size. Mya is two and she walks around with it full so easily.”

@tazzwright “How awesome is this backpack?! Perfect size too! They are perfect for the girls”

@jerri_jones “The quality and the size is so great.”

kid's backpack

@thepeachylife “The cutest backpacks. We all adore them.”

@zaralovescruz “Cutest backpacks. Love this colour too (taupe).”

@tahliashae “We love our backpack. So cute. Such a beautiful bag.”

@margauxschimkus “Another great product. Well done!”

@rachelle.rowlings “Daycare bags sorted. Bloody cute. Adore them.”

kid's backpacks



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