What's In My Pram Caddy? With The Nappy Society Founder, Gemma.

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What's In My Pram Caddy? With The Nappy Society Founder, Gemma.

Pram Caddy

The Nappy Society Pram Caddy is one of those ultimate accessories for motherhood. And one of the rare items that actually transcends the various stages of motherhood, from newborn days through to...well, however long you can convince your child to be strapped into a stroller (as LONG as possible)! We are a team of Mums, so aside from creating these products for motherhood that LOOK stylish, fashionable and modern, you can be assured they are tried, tested and perfected by us before you even get to see them (and yes, that means they’ve actually survived everything our babies and toddlers have thrown at them!) The Nappy Society Pram Caddy is one of our best sellers, you guys sell us out every time, so it’s clearly much loved by all the Mums out there, which we love to see. Gemma Bronzoni, TNS Founder, shares what’s in her Pram Caddy now that her gorgeous daughter, Alessia, is 18 months old, so well and truly in toddlerhood. 

Coffee Keep Cup

“ Now that Alessia is older, you know, a big grown up 18 month old, we can actually leave the house without a full sized tote (well, when we actually used to be able to leave the house…), I tend to always have my Pram Caddy attached to my pram with the essentials, so I only have to add a few things and can get out the door (at the moment, it’s literally just for a pram walk to prevent us from going stir crazy). In my Pram Caddy I always have a BBox water bottle for Alessia and a Frank Green water bottle for me (or depending what time it is, or how little sleep I got, a coffee cup for me, I love my Small Print Designs Mama KeepCup, and Alessia has her Mini Small Print Designs KeepCup for those all important babycinos). A TNS Reusable Wet Wipes Pouch (ALWAYS required!) 1 or 2 nappies (though usually I’ll have our Luxe Baby Change Mat with a couple of nappies and wipes for emergencies, stashed under the pram), a couple of snacks for Alessia (peace keeping essentials!) and usually a small toy or something that will keep Alessia occupied if she’s ready to go cray-cray… then there’s my wallet, keys and phone plus a mini pack of tissues and a Common Sense Haircare Mini Hand Sanitiser. There’s enough room left to fit a beanie for Alessia. Done. Out the door in 5 (with a toddler, that’s usually 5 hours by the time I can convince her to wear shoes and a jacket, but at least my Pram Caddy is ready to go right?!)”

Pram Caddy Organiser

And what about the Mini Pram Caddy we hear you ask...you can fit all the above, minus the adult drink bottle and the extra beanie (so they usually end up thrown under the stroller). 

Mini Pram Caddy

Here's what our gorgeous customers say about The Nappy Society Pram Caddy....

Alisha: The best gift! "I received this as a gift for my baby shower and it is one of the most useful things I have! Love it"

Chelsea: "Perfect! This pram caddy is the perfect size, all the pockets & compartments are ideal & it looks so good! Everyone with a pram needs one of these."

Tamara: "Organisation has just been upleveled. I wish I had bought this for my first bub. So handy to have, I walk daily so this is perfect to keep all those items you need quickly in reach. Great quality product and fits perfectly on my pram (Bugaboo Cameleon)."

Katrina: "Perfect bag The best accessory bag i have found to date! Such a good size, fits nappies, wipes, sunscreen , keys wallet phone and all mummy’s lipsticks too. Love love love"

Nicole: "Lifesaver. Such a gorgeous caddy! I would be lost without mine. It is my go-to gift for expecting mummas! "

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