What to Pack in your Baby Bag for a Day Out

New Mamas, meet your new best friend – the Baby Bag. Leaving the house after having a baby can often seem like a monumental achievement but trust us, having your baby bag organised, packed up and ready to go ahead of time will help reduce the stress of getting out and about and allow you to enjoy the fresh air and friendly catch ups all the more!

Here are our top picks for what to pack in your Nappy Bag/Baby Bag for a day out with bub.

(As baby grows, your baby bag checklist will change – this checklist is based on packing items for a baby 6 months+): 

  • For those with a designer tote they can’t live without - TNS Original Baby Bag Insert (you could also go for our Compact Baby Bag Insert, however the original has more pockets and more space for a big day out!) If you’re in need of a stylish, super savvy Baby Bag, opt for our Luxe Nylon Tote; spacious, durable, lightweight and has a secure zip closure.
  • Water Bottle for mum (SOL or Frank Green) (and reusable coffee cup!)
  • Mum essentials (wallet, keys, phone, lipstick/balm, sunglasses, hand sanitiser)
  • Bottle with milk/formular for baby OR sippy cup (We love B.Box for our sippy cups but these are age dependent)
  • About 6 nappies (We love Tooshies by TOM or Eco Originals)
  • Biodegradable Nappy bags (for used nappies) and padded change mat (keep these inside the large outer zip pocket of our Luxe Nylon Tote)
  • TNS Reusable Wet Wipe Pouch filled with your favourite wet wipes (Again, we love Eco Originals) and also a spare packet in the car - just in case! 
  • Snacks for baby (over 6 months)
  • Change of clothes for baby (stored in large outer pocket)
  • Muslin cloth/wrap
  • 2-3 baby bibs
  • Favourite toy & teether
  • Dummy (if using) we love Bibs Dummies (We keep ours in our Pacifier Bag either attached to the pram handles or straps of the baby bag for convenience)
  • Baby Sunscreen (we love Lovekins) & Sun hat 

 Luxe Nylon Tote

A few extra tips:

  • Our TNS Luxe Change Mat is always with us either in the pram or in the boot of the car, packed with 2-3 nappies, our Reusable Wipes Pouch, nappy bag and nappy cream). 
  • As mums, we all know that things can get wet (and smelly), very quickly (thus the extra change of clothes for baby) so a great tip is to have some wet bags or sealable snap-lock bags stashed inside your baby bag and ready to go in case of spills and wet items! (We keep ours in the outer zip pocket of the Luxe Nylon Tote)


Pro tip: get in the habit of repacking and refreshing your baby bag when you return home after your outing – this way you’ll never be caught off guard!


Pram Caddy 


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