The Best (last minute) Gift Ideas for Mum This Mother's Day

Mother's Day

We can’t quite believe it is May already! And in case you’ve forgotten, Mother’s Day is Sunday 10th May. Say what?! We get it, life has been all kinds of crazy so if, like us, time has gotten away from you and you’ve left Mother’s Day to the last minute, we won’t tell a soul and we are here to help. We’ve created our list of the 5 best (last minute) Mother’s Day gifts that will make any Mum or Mum-to-be feel loved and appreciated. (Perfect to share with husbands, Dad’s and Dad-to-be’s, so you don’t end up with a bunch of service station flowers...we’ve all be there!)


The Candle Library

Candle Club Subscription

The Candle Library

Ok, so perhaps there’s not so many candlelit dinners or romantic dimly lit evenings now you’re parents (or expectant parents)...but there’s nothing quite like the warm glow and glorious scent of a candle from The Candle Library (and drawing a hot bath for a Mama or Mama-to-be for a solo soak by candlelight is a gift in itself). Here’s the best bit, The Candle Library find Australia’s best scented candles and for the perfect last minute gift for Mum, you can sign up Mum for a Candle Club Subscription, they offer 6 or 12 month subscriptions where each month Mum will receive a surprise scented candle. A last minute gift that keeps on giving, we’d say that is a win-win.


The Beauty Chef

e-Gift Voucher

The Beauty Chef

Self-care, everyone is on about it, but as a Mum often self is the last thing to be cared about. The Beauty Chef has created the ultimate products that will look after Mum on the inside and make her glow like the Goddess she is on the outside. The perfect gift voucher to show Mum you care, and a gentle reminder that Mums need to look after themselves too! Delivered straight to your email and ready to forward onto Mum (or old school style, print it off and put it in Mum’s card). Nothing like instant gratification right?!  


Glam Corner

Premium Membership

Glam Corner

It’s always the kids that get a new wardrobe of the latest clothes every season, and Mum ends up wearing activewear on repeat (we get it, and there’s nothing wrong with that!) Glam Corner has the perfect solution with their monthly premium subscription option, sign Mum up and she will get to choose 3 designer pieces a month to keep her feeling fresh, fashionable and fabulous (oh, and they have a great range of designer maternity pieces too, so it’s ideal for pregnant Mamas too.) So now it won’t just be baby leading the fashion pack!


Olli Ella

Mother’s Day Gift Card


If you haven’t followed @olliella on Instagram, you must, Chloe (half of the sister duo founders of Olli Ella) provides a hilarious and relatable window into her life of motherhood and all things Olli Ella. They have created a range of gift cards just for Mother’s Day which will be emailed straight to you and ready to forward onto Mum (or print off and pop in her card). Olli Ella have a range of swoon worthy homewares (we are a little bit obsessed with baskets to make life feel more organised) and apparel that meets Mum life needs perfectly (for example the the softest dresses Mum or Mum-to-be will live in through pregnancy, breastfeeding and beyond)


The Nappy Society

Gift Card

The Nappy Society

We couldn’t leave us off the list right!? If you forgot to get your order in (or forgot to remind your loved ones to order for your gift) in time, never fear! Our gift cards are emailed directly to you so they’re the perfect last minute solution that will be sure to please any Mother or Mother-to-be. From our inserts or bundles, Mum can choose the perfect fit to turn her favourite handbag into the ultimate baby bag, or accessories to make Mum life that little bit easier, like our best selling Pram Caddy. The gift of choice is often the best gift...and it sure beats service station flowers;)


Happy (last minute) Shopping. 

With Love,

Gemma & Team TNS Xo


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