Packing Your Hospital Bag With The Luxe Nylon Tote

Before you are pregnant, you wonder what everyone is going on about when they’re packing and repacking (and unpacking and repacking again) their hospital bag. Maybe it’s something to do with...

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Packing Your Hospital Bag With The Luxe Nylon Tote

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Before you are pregnant, you wonder what everyone is going on about when they’re packing and repacking (and unpacking and repacking again) their hospital bag. Maybe it’s something to do with the fact that most of the time, when you will actually go into labor, is totally out of your control, so to have some feeling of control, we pack our hospital bag! You’ll generally hear that most Mum’s overpacked, and depending how hard and fast your labour is, you might not even get a chance to unzip your hospital bag before your baby is making their entrance. It also really depends on where you’re giving birth and your birthing plan (though of course, the best made plans often go out the window, baby is pretty much in control...let’s face it from conception to ever after!) We’ve refined it down to our must haves, and we’ve created the most versatile hospital bag that will last you right from birth through to multiple children and beyond. Our Luxe Nylon Tote is the ideal option for fitting exactly what you need for that all important hospital bag, plus, once baby is born, add our Original Baby Bag Insert and you’ll have the most organised and stylish nappy bag too.


hospital bag packing

  • Wool bed socks from Uniqlo 

Hormones and hospitals will play all kinds of havoc on your body temperature! Add a pair of wool bed socks to your hospital bag to keep your feet toasty and comfortable (these seriously feel like you’re walking on a cloud). 

This is the time in your life where you can get away with living in your pyjamas! So you might as well get something that's a little bit luxe right?! A few things to consider when choosing some beautiful hospital pyjamas, like first of all, choose natural materials, French linen is perfect as it's soft and a natural temperature regulator (so when you're going through all the hots and colds, linen has you perfectly covered). Comfort is obviously high of the priority list, aside from the softness of fabric, something with an elasticised waist that you can position where ever is most comfortable for you post birth. And don't forget easy access ;) a loose fitting top with buttons makes feeding bubba a lot easier. We love the Deiji Studios range, they tick all the boxes for hospital pyjamas that you'll be loving well beyond hospital. 



Your boobs and nether regions are going to go through a hell of a lot. So it’s essential you’ve got the most comfortable bras and underwear to treat all your lovely lady parts with a little bit of luxury. The Juem bras are the perfect choice, uber soft, so comfy and feeding friendly, and the underwear will provide the gentle touch you need after childbirth and beyond.

And just when you thought you’d been through the messiest part, your boobs will start leaking, it’s all part of the glamour. You’ve just become a baby dairy, so keep the Juem reusable breast pads handy as they’ll be your new best friend and the perfect protector to soak up the “spilt milk” and hide those wet patches.


breast pads

One thing no one ever seems to tell you about labor is that your lips get so damn dry! Honestly, what is with that?! Then your baby is born with the softest most kissable lips and you're left with chapped sandpaper where your lips used to be. You’ll thank us later for adding some Summer Fridays lip balm to your hospital bag.

Likely to go hand in hand with the lip balm point, you are going to be insatiably thirsty, you’ll feel like you’ve just done a marathon through a desert, turn that husband to good use and make a water boy of him. Pack an easy to use and quick to gulp water bottle like the Frank Green (and equally important to keep hydrated post birth, you are about to become your baby’s source of hydration too so you’ll be drinking for 2!)

Keeping with the hydration theme, after all the loss of bodily fluids, and the lovely hospital air conditioning, your skin will not be feeling as soft as your newborn baby’s bottom! Moisturising your body is going to feel like an absolute treat whilst you’re in hospital, so definitely don’t leave that off the list.


beauty products

You may be thinking, skincare?! But honestly, that first shower post birth, it is like heaven! Again with the hormones and hospital air conditioning, the few minutes you take away from your baby and blissfully stand (or hell, use that hospital shower chair) in the shower, use some beautiful skincare products like Summer Friday’s and you’re going to feel all the more human, and keep that best thing about pregnancy going on for as long after childbirth as possible.That pregnancy glow!

That marathon you just are going to need to get some sleep! The best way to block out everything else going on around you (hospital lighting!) and totally switch off to give your body some time to recuperate is to pop on a pure silk sleep mask, catch as much shut eye as possible whilst you’re in hospital, you’ve got all the hands on deck to look after your newborn so now is the time to get some zzz’s.


sleep mask

It is surely an Australian newborn baby’s rite of passage to have at least a few Bond’s newborn onesies right?! There is a reason they are the most popular choice, and the first time you try to dress a tiny baby you’ll see why! The Bond’s newborn onesies are soft, comfortable and make changing easy (you’ll be changing A LOT of nappies) and dressing and undressing your newborn so many times in hospital. 

Your newest addition has had the rude shock of its life, entering the big wide world from the perfectly comfortable and climate controlled home in your womb. Get one hundred lessons on swaddling from the midwives and perfect your baby burrito! Baby is going to spend a majority of time sleeping (when they’re not feeding, that is) meaning they’ll be spending most of the time swaddled, stock up on some gorgeous swaddles and blankets, and pop a couple in your hospital bag like the Emma Brooke Design swaddle and the Pure Baby cotton swaddle blanket.


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All the snacks! You might have a super fast labor and not even enough time to make it to a birthing suite, or you may be laboring for hours and hours, in which case you’ll want all the snacks, recommend protein and energy snacks as they’ll be the best help when it comes to making it through a marathon labor. And post birth, you’ll be needing to refuel, so whilst the hospital will feed you, it’s always nice to have a few of your favourite things.

  • Nappies and Wipes

Depending where you give birth, you may or may not be provided with nappies and wipes so best to check with your hospital or birthing centre. You’ll forever more be needing wipes so may as well start now and pop them in your hospital bag. 


hospital bag packing

Our Luxe Nylon Tote is well-designed, practical and created to become your everyday carry-all. Stylish enough to take anywhere, and functional (and spacious) enough to be the perfect hospital bag. When you’re home from the hospital, add in our Original Baby Bag insert and the tote will be the ideal nappy bag from early newborn days through to multiple children (and beyond into a day-to-day bag). That's the tips from us, wishing you all the best with the rest of your pregnancy, and a safe arrival of your baby into the world.


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