Our Pregnancy Must Haves!

Pregnant women are usually bombarded with ALL the things they should be buying for a baby, BUT, what about you?! It’s not JUST about your hospital bag, you’ve got a...

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Our Pregnancy Must Haves!

Congratulations. You’re pregnant! From that very first positive pregnancy test right through to feeling like the largest waddling whale approaching your due date, you are doing a truly amazing job, growing your own human! If it’s your first pregnancy, you are (usually) lucky enough to find time for self-care, and you should absolutely indulge in it! And if it’s your second or subsequent pregnancy, as challenging as it can be (and ALL the more exhausting), you totally deserve to take ANY available moments to yourself before your new baby arrives and the chaos begins ;) Pregnant women are usually bombarded with ALL the things they should be buying for a baby, BUT, what about you?! It’s not JUST about your hospital bag, you’ve got a whole 9 months of pregnancy, so before you’re thinking about cots, baby bags and the nursery, here’s our must have pregnancy items that are ALL about you Mumma!


Glow Mama
If you’re feeling more like a seasick puffer fish than a glowing goddess, and wondering when that magnificent glowy skin will emerge. Get yourself the Pregnancy Glow Set from Go To Skincare! This set includes Skin Wizard (for a soft, smooth body), Face Hero (for a nourished face) and a six pack of Transformazing sheet masks (for amazing skin in just ten minutes). Seriously good stuff, and we’ll let you in on a little secret, when you’re feeling like a zombie post birth, you can use this set to get your glow back, without having to get pregnant again;)




Rub A Dub Dub

Get yourself in that tub! As hard as it may be to get in (and don’t even talk about getting out!) a long soak in the bath at the end of the day is about as good as a holiday. Our need for Magnesium increases during pregnancy, so a body easing Magnesium soak could be just what you need. And if you’re experiencing pregnancy insomnia the soothing properties of Magnesium paired with the sleepy goodness of lavender make the Salt by Hendrix Soak Infusion a total winner (lavender as an essential oil is not recommended during your first trimester so save the soaking until you’re REALLY needing it in your second and third trimester). Magnesium is said to support normal joint function, relieve muscle tension, hydrate skin and relieve physical stress and fatigue which gives it a big hell yes during pregnancy (and motherhood).

Magnesium Soak


What’s Underneath

You might think beauty AND comfort go out the window during pregnancy BUT get yourself some Juem bras and briefs and you’re going to feel AH-MAZING (and look pretty damn good too!) Their bras are super comfortable, pregnancy AND breastfeeding friendly (and the colour palette is to die for), you’ll feel you’ve got it ALL together with matching briefs which are made from the softest cotton with maximum stretch to allow for growth (these are perfect for both pregnancy and motherhood). Juem was established in 2018 by Juliette Harkness and Emma Nelson. In a time of such great change their aim was to create a product for women to make them feel confident, beautiful and womanly while still maintaining comfort. They have totally nailed it. We are in love.

Juem Bra


Feet First

You may be one of these women who manage to hold onto your high heels for your pregnancy photography, but honestly, we say, embrace the flats! A day on your feet carrying your baby bump can wreak havoc on your feet, so finding the most comfortable flats that are still totally chic, is a must. Meet Hobes, even better, The Point Hobe, for when you really just can't deal with laces (and there is a definite point where you literally cannot reach over your bump to your feet, but you’ll be know they’re fashionable (and hella comfortable) in Hobes. They are so soft, so light, and 100% leather upper meaning they’ll work with your swollen pregnant feet. There’s a reason Vogue, Marie Claire, Russh, Frankie and even The New York Times RAVE about Hobes, and we are all them for pregnancy and beyond. You know at The Nappy Society we love fashion and function for motherhood and these absolutely do it for us.

Hobes shoes


Wear The Pants

There comes a point where you’re thinking, what even are jeans?! But we’re here to let you in on a little secret; Legoe Heritage. Honestly, their entire collection is super amazing with and without a bump, ensuring you get longevity out of your “maternity wear”. Their range of denims are an absolute mum-life must have. Thank us later, you will be living in these for your pregnancy and through motherhood. Our favourites are the Oxford Denims, hands down the coolest “mum jeans” on the market; super comfortable elastic waist, relaxed fit on the hips, drop crotch that flows into a skinny leg for flattery. Designed to be worn low on the hip, these denims re-define ‘casual cool’. LEGOE. is a premium Australian lifestyle label crafting relaxed yet refined threads for a contemporary Motherhood. Say goodbye to frumpy and hello this favourite.

Maternity Jeans


Soak It In

Belly Butter, Willow by the Sea is a 100% organic baby skin care collection, made in small batches by the beach in Newcastle, Australia. Before you even have to think about what you’re going to use on your baby's skin, take a moment to give your own skin a thought. Best part of pregnancy is rubbing your baby belly, now if you scoop up some Belly Butter by Willow by the Sea and give your pregnant belly a rub, you’ll be doing some serious good; protecting skin during pregnancy and replenishing it after birth. This stuff is the best, it naturally soothes and relieves tight and itching bellies, locks in moisture and helps support skin elasticity as it expands during pregnancy. 

Belly Butter



Now we’re not telling you to do motherhood “by the book”, because there is no rule book and we are all about “you do you”. But if you’re going to buy a book, this is the one to buy! This is a purely no judgment book that can help you feel more reassured as you journey through pregnancy and birth. It’s personal, practical and a super handy reference to have. It’s got to be some sort of rite of passage to buy at least one pregnancy related book when you find out you’re pregnant right?! Nine Months is written by an Australian country obstetrician and father, Dr David Addenbrooke, and a health scientist and mother, Ruby Matley and  provides clear, compassionate and up-to-the-minute advice for soon-to-be mums and dads. Best read whilst soaking in the tub ;)


9 Months Pregnancy Book


Let us know what your favourite and must-have pregnancy items are! Wishing you all the best with your pregnancy and the arrival of your bundle. And we can't wait to help you with the best accessories for motherhood from The Nappy Society!

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