Inside my TNS Insert - Travel Tips

Travelling my six-month-old is stressful enough so I have taken the fuss out of packing for you!  From snacks to change mats, toys and spare clothes here is what I...

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Inside my TNS Insert - Travel Tips
From cocktails to bottles, my recent Bali vacay was slightly different from the ones I took pre-baby! It's safe to say that one thing that changed dramatically was what I had to pack for the flight. Where I once packed my favourite Chanel lippy, I now have nappies and bibs, along with baby bottles and snacks. 
Given that this was my first getaway since having my little girl, knowing what to pack for the plane was no easy fete. And as all mum's know, a well-stocked baby bag can be the difference between smooth sailing and disaster, especially when it comes to flying. 
dummie bag
Our TNS Inserts is one must-have when it comes to travelling with a baby. Our handy accessories are not only sleek and sophisticated, but they make organising your little one's many bits and bobs a dream.
Our TNS Inserts let you stay organised while still allowing you to travel in style with your favourite tote. They also allow for easy access to all your bub's essentials while you're navigating the hustle and bustle of busy terminals. 
But what to stash inside your TNS Insert? I have rounded up my tried and true mama must-haves when it comes to travelling with a six-month-old.
  • Six nappies 
  • A pack of wet wipes 
  • Two bottles with sterilised water (one for the airport and one for the flight) 
  • Formaula container 
  • Two to three bibs 
  • Blanket/muslin wrap wet wipes
  • Organic food pouch for plane and spoon 
  • TNS Pacifier Bag with a spare dummy, hand sanitiser and teether
  • A couple of new or favourite toys 
  • Spare change of clothes (singlet, onesie, socks)
  • Padded change mat (all TNS Inserts come with a handy padded change mat!)
  • Dustbag for soiled clothes


A few things for mum

It can be very easy to only think of packing for bub and forget those few things for yourself! 

Here are a few things that I packed:

  • Phone, wallet and passport (do not forget these, baby brain can make us do silly things)
  • A note pad and pen (You never know where inspiration will strike! It's also good to be able to write down important info about your destination)
  • Lip balm & hand cream 
  • Mama Disrupt Magazine (wishful thinking, but just in case I get time to read it)


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