Mama Muse: Meet Steph Pase

Inspiring us this week is mother of two Steph Pase, otherwise known as 'Just Another Mummy Blog'. We caught up with Steph to talk all things mums and bubs...

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Mama Muse: Meet Steph Pase

Inspiring us this week is mother of two Steph Pase, otherwise known as 'Just Another Mummy Blog'. We caught up with Steph to talk all things mums and bubs...


  • What do you love most about being a mum?

This is such a hard one to answer haha! Wow where do I begin?! I think watching your little ones grow and learn, seeing them laugh. Also the fact that you get to make your own little human with the person that you loves. My daughters have taught me more than anyone ever has.


  • What are your top 5 mum essentials that you always have on you?

Baby wipes (of course!)



Coffee (haha)

Spare clothes for the kids (and me!)


  • What's your morning routine like?

It has definitely changed since little Willow has come along. Willow wakes up at 5am so I change her and then let her watch some TV so I can lie down and rest a bit longer! Then I pack our bag for the day, get into my gym clothes, make breakfast and get myself organized before Harper wakes up! Then we all head to the gym where the girls go in the crèche there. They absolutely love the gym crèche and it allows me to have 40 minutes of “me time” to sweat out any anxiety or stress and makes me much more patience for the day!


  • What's your evening routine like?

I start cooking dinner early at 4pm so it is all ready before “witching hour’ begins! So we all have an early dinner at 5pm, I also feed Willow some solids. Then we all relax as a family in the lounge room for half an hour. I tidy up downstairs and then bath both the girls. Ryan and I usually put the kids to bed at the same time so then we can finish cleaning up and I can organize things for the next morning. Then I answer some emails, have a shower. Then try to relax and watch some crime shows (my fave!)



  • What does an average day in your household look like?

An average day is Ryan going to work, which he leaves around 6am. I take the girls to the gym with me, and then we head to a park or play center so they can have some more fun before the midday nap. I usually make sure we are home by 11:30am for lunch and to put them down for a nap. While the girls sleep I run around like crazy; doing housework, washing, vacuuming and then into my office to get work one such as writing blogs and content, answering emails, editing etc.

Once the girls wake up we have a snack and play some games at home like puzzles or drawing. Sometimes depending on the weather, we will head out again to get some fresh air. Then its time for the evening routine!


  • What are some of your favourite brands for mums and bubs right now?

Oh gosh there are so many!! Bubs Australia, Silky Tots, Penny & Co, Harlow & Luxx, Love to Dream, Cotton on Kids, Kmart (of course!) - I can’t think of them all! Haha


  • How do you relax, and what's your favourite thing to do when you have a little "me time?"

Usually watch some crime shows, read, write or go to the gym!


  • Do you find it challenging running a blog/business whilst being a mum of two?

Yes very! People don’t realise how much work goes into it behind the scenes. There are endless hours of emails, writing content, collaborating, and paperwork and trying to juggle the kids! But I love what I do and I’m so grateful!


  • What's your advice for new mums and mums-to-be?

Trust yourself! And don’t let other peoples opinions make you feel any less worthy of being a mother! Unfortunately everyone thinks they know best for your child, when in reality only YOU know best!


  • What's your daily mum uniform? 

Activewear, haha!


  • Best beauty advice for busy mums?

Find multipurpose products! Use moisturizes like Cinch that work as a illuminator and primer. Find an easy foundation like a mineral powder - I love Lust Minerals! Use bronzer not only on your cheeks but pop some on your eyes to make it look like a warm eye shadow!


  • Favourite family friendly holiday destination?

Honestly, I used to travel so much! Since having the kids I've been faced with travel anxiety. But one of my goals is to overcome this! So once I have, I’ll let you know! 


  • What's the biggest lesson motherhood has taught you?

Sometimes you just have to breathe and go with the flow and take obstacles as they come.


  • What's the best parenting advice you've received?

You got this!!


  • Lastly, who is your ultimate mama muse?

Honestly, I can’t pick one person because I’m lucky enough to have so many beautiful, friends and family and online friends that inspire me every single day!



Head to and @justanothermummyblog to see more inspiration from Steph! 



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