Is This The Most Versatile Nappy Bag Ever?!

Cross Body Bag


Last year we released our Cross Body Bag (and to be honest, we have all been using it everyday since then!) Now that we are mothers of toddlers we are on the go constantly, and more often than not, we don’t need a full size baby bag, so we’ve all found the Cross Body Bag to be an absolute lifesaver. We have been loving seeing how you all use your Cross Body Bags, and whilst the initial concept came from needing to be more handsfree for our toddlers, we are hearing that you’re finding the bag just as useful for early newborn days, so many of you are finding it so handy to throw over your shoulder when you don’t want to take your pram out and you’re carrying bub in a baby carrier, and we think that’s just genius. I remember doing lots of early morning walks with my newborn and I’d always use a baby carrier or wrap, and thinking back I can’t even remember what I carried to hold my essentials...having the Cross Body Bag as a lightweight, throw on and off you go option would have been just what I could have used (and thankfully I'll have it for next time around!). The perfect amount of space to fit a couple of nappies, wipes, dummy, keys, phone and purse. 


Cross Body Bag


We really wanted to create something that was versatile and adaptable to a Mumma’s needs, so aside from being an easy throw over your shoulder or across your body, this little beauty also functions as a pram caddy (and here’s a little tip, if you buy the Cross Body Bag in our Cross Body Bag Bundle you’ll get our Stroller Clips included!) Whilst we initially designed this with the thoughts of removing the shoulder straps and attaching to your pram with the stroller clips, we’re seeing lots of you leaving the shoulder strap attached and still able to attach to your pram with the stroller clips so you can grab it straight off your pram and throw over your shoulder without having to reattach the shoulder strap. 


Cross Body Bag


This really is the most versatile nappy bag, a total game changer for on-the-go Mummas. Here’s what we’ve been hearing about the Cross Body Bag from our customers :)


Cross Body Bag




Cute and packs a lot!

I am still pregnant but have been using the cross body bag anyway just to see what it's like! I love that it is so small and compact, and the design is super cute, but it holds so much! I can fit my large purse, sunglasses case, mask and other tidbits with more room to spare. Can't wait to actually use it when bub arrives.



Awesome bag

First use . And super easy for small errands/outings that doesn't require the whole nappy bag. Surprised it fits so much! Highly recommend

Keri Burnell


Great bag for on the go!

Loving the bag even before bub has arrived!

Mumma Bears Porridge


Stylish & Versatile

I am honestly surprised on how much this bag can fit in it! It is perfect for everyday use with a toddler or for quick stop overs with a newborn. I also love how you can use it as a caddy, it is very versatile! The leather straps feel comfortable around my shoulder and the bag itself is lightweight. Glad I made this purchase!

Gabbie Nicolaou


Classy and versatile

Love my new crossbody bag, can’t wait to use it when bub comes.

Thank you 😊

Frances Ady


Wish I had this 3 babies ago

I have purchased over 5 nappy bags after 3 children and this one is the only one I have not resold. It’s just perfect. I never wanted to give away my handbag so this is perfect for just a grab and go. You don’t need to carry more than two nappies when you are popping out!

Penny W


Great purchase

Really happy with this bag! Great size and very light weight. Compartments are perfect (there is an interior zip and compartment sleeves) and the outside zip is so handy for phone and keys. The strap was a little short for me so I’ve swapped it with another strap I had. Love it so far. Thanks!


Cross Body Bag

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