How To Stay Organised When Managing Your Nine-To-Five + Motherhood.

It’s officially time to get back into work-mode. But when you’re constantly in mum-mode, balancing the two can become a tricky task. We’ve listed a few tips and tricks below to help you get organised when working your nine-to-five and juggling motherhood.

Before you flip open your laptop and get sucked into the whirlwind of emails, projects and all-consuming social media channels, grab out a pen and notebook. To set yourself up for a productive day, write down your To-Do-List. The key here is to be realistic with your work tasks, what is manageable and what is achievable. Stick to 3 MITS’s (most important tasks) and get those crossed off your list before tackling any other work-related tasks.

If you're a mum and have to switch out of from work-mode to mum-mode, allocate the time for this in-between crossing off those MIT’s. So if you need to feed your little one lunch or do the afternoon school pick up, make note of this when planning out your workday. Structuring your time in conjunction with your workload can help to establish a productive work routine.

You want to make your workspace an enjoyable and productive space. Keep your stationary neatly organised and your desk clutter-free. Add in a left green plant or vase of your favourite flowers. Where possible, separate your little ones things from your workspace. Create a designated space for their things (like toys, books and entertaining activities) nearby, but not within your space.

Feeling stuck? Going for a quick 10-15 minute walk outside can do wonders for clearing the mind and getting you back on track. It’s important to take short breaks in between your work schedule to increase productivity within the day. If you have a little one with you, take note of the best time to get them outdoors and mindfully schedule that time into your day.

A tip from our Founder, Gemma: "I'm always working from a list of daily priorities to stay focused and on track. I divide my list into two, with work tasks on one side and mum duties on the other. I like taking the time on a Sunday night to plan these lists out (best as possible) and constantly view and review them as the week goes on." 


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