Here's how we pack our bag for a day out with baby and toddler...

baby and toddler

The juggle is real! Having a baby and a toddler brings a whole other level of hectic to your life. Getting out the door is no mean feat. You literally feel like you need an entire suitcase to be ready to tackle anything that your two cherubs might throw at you (baby poonami and toddler endless snack requests for a start). But we’ve mastered the packing and manage to fit everything we need for both baby and toddler (oh and even our own essentials) in our Original Baby Bag Insert. Super Mum packing with just your favourite tote and The Nappy Society insert. 


Original Baby Bag Insert

With a newborn baby and toddler there’s an infinite number of items you need to get through the day. Getting out the door for a few hours, as hard as it can be, can be sanity saving! The Original Baby Bag Insert has 2 bottle holders, which means the baby gets his bottle, and the toddler gets her water bottle. Next up, the padded change mat (which comes with the Original Baby Bag Insert) nappies, a few nappies for the baby and a couple of nappy pants for the toddler, plus the absolute essential, our Reusable Wet Wipes Pouch. Super prepared for the inevitable poo explosion that baby saves for when you are out of the house, there’s a change of clothes for the baby. Snacks for the toddler, (how many is too many?) and a bib for the biggest mess maker (AKA toddler) for the inevitable squirting of yogurt all over themselves. Always something to amuse the toddler when the meltdowns begin (and the snacks have run out…) and an extra muslin or wrap for the baby plus a dummy in The Nappy Society Pacifier Bag (in the high hopes that sleep will happen) and baby's comforter. Finally, Mum; wallet, phone, keys, sunglasses, hand sanitiser and a compact makeup bag (just for laughs, as if you are ever going to have a free second or a spare hand to apply lip gloss). 

Pacifier Bag

Voila! Drop the Original Baby Bag Insert into your favourite tote, attach it to your pram with our Stroller Clips (and hell, for good measure pop our Luxe Baby Change Mat in the bottom of your pram with extra nappies and another Reusable Wet Wipes Pouch! You NEVER know WHAT could happen…)

Original Baby Bag Insert Black

Luxe Baby Change Mat

Stroller Clips


The best buy is the Original Baby Bag Insert Bundle (you'll get the insert in your choice of colour plus the Stroller Clips and a 2 pack of our Reusable Wet Wipes Pouches). Or, if you already have one of our inserts, opt for The Accessories Bundle (which includes the Bottle Bag, Pacifier Bag, Stroller Clips and 2 pack of Reusable Wet Wipes Pouches).

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