Goal Setting for 2020.

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Goal Setting for 2020.
At the beginning of any new year, it’s common to find yourself pondering over future goals. Some of these might be personal or career-minded, some more modest than others, some might leave you scoffing or second-guessing the thought of even accomplishing something so colossal! 

For all the busy mums out there, goal-setting is a great way to establish what is important to you and your family. When you're sitting down to write out your yearly goals, keep in mind what can be attainable and measurable to your current lifestyle.   
Whatever goals you have in mind for the new year, we’ve put together some tips and tricks to help get you in the right mindset. 
Establish what you want to achieve - and why?

Ask yourself why you want to achieve these particular goals? Is it to challenge yourself on a personal level, further your career or experience something new? In order to establish these goals, make sure they're clear, concise and measurable. Make sure you're setting goals that make YOU feel proud and drives passion deep within.
Get your goals on paper.

Whether you prefer pinning quotes and images on a mood board, or keeping a written journal, get those goals out of your head and somewhere you can physically see them. The average human being has an estimated 50,000 thoughts a day - so it’s good practice to start writing those important thoughts down! 

Get support.

Make a coffee date with a friend you trust and share your new year goals. Accountability is one of the best ways to keep you on the right path. By verbalising this with a friend, it will mean that they will be able to check in with you and support you along the way. 

Expect obstacles.

Life can be unpredictable - especially when you've got a young family on your hands! The key is to build in enough flexibility in your goal-setting to deal with these unexpected obstacles. You can't always control all the variables in your life, however, you can control how you respond/ react. Acknowledge your emotions in these moments, then take the time needed to deal with any pandemonium before getting back on track with achieving those goals.


Remember, Gucci didn’t just become an incredibly accomplished and well-renowned fashion house in a day! Showing up every day to commit to achieving your goals is essential. The trick is to take repudiative action and develop healthy goal-achieving habits. As obstacles pop up from time to time, keep taking small steps in the right direction.  

That "feeling." 

There’s nothing quite like that feeling of smashing the goals you set. Stay focus with that "winning feeling" in mind to help propel you towards your end goals. Remember to take all big and small wins in stride and don’t forget to celebrate along the way with loved ones. 


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