Founder Secrets: Mastering Organisation with TNS Inserts + Cubes

Gemma, our founder, shares how she uses her Inserts and Cubes to stay organised in her everyday life.

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Founder Secrets: Mastering Organisation with TNS Inserts + Cubes

Being a founder and a mother of two is no small feat. It requires a delicate balance of managing business responsibilities while keeping the chaos at home in check.

Gemma, our founder, has mastered the art of organisation for herself and her two girls with the help of our TNS Inserts + Cubes Sets.

Below, she shares how she uses her Inserts and Cubes to stay organised in her everyday life.




1. DAY OUT WITH THE KIDS: Goyard St Louis Tote, Original Insert + Small Organistion Cube

For a full day out with both girls, aged 5 and 2.5 years old, I take my largest Goyard St Louis Tote with our Original Insert. This allows me plenty of space to take everything I needs for myself and the girls for the day, and also keeps me organised and efficient, I know exactly where everything is, no endless rummaging when I need something! 

In our Original Insert I'll pack 6 nappies for my youngest, baby wipes, change of clothes for both girls, even if its just a spare t-shirt, lots of snacks, 2 water bottles, sunscreen and hats if we're outdoors, and then some sort of activities and/or iPads.

I'll also use the smallest cube in our Insert for my personal items such as lipstick hand sanitiser, small wallet, tissues etc. All of our Cubes can fit really well inside the Inserts; if you want to be super organised and prepared, they're a great combination. 

2. QUICK TRIPS: Aesque Halo Day Bag OR Louis Vuitton Neo Noe +  Organisation Cube Sets

For short trips, such as cafe's, shopping centres, parks and playdates, I take a smaller handbag such as my Aesque Halo Day bag or my Louis Vuitton Neo Noe bag, and organise what I need for the girls with our Organisation Cubes. Usually I'll have two Cubes which I'll share below how I pack them, a water bottle, wallet, keys, phone and we're good to go!

My youngest is still in nappies, so I will always have a medium Cube packed with 3 nappies, nappy bags, our Wet Wipe Pouch and hand sanitiser. Then if we are going to a cafe I'll take another medium or large Cube with activities such as crayons ands pads for them to draw, if we're going to a shopping centre or park then this Cube is filled with snacks!



3. EMERGENCY SITUATIONS : Organistion Cube Sets

One thing I will always have with us, whether it's in the boot of the car or the bottom of the pram, is an emergency changing Cube! I'll keep the largest Cube packed with spare nappies, wipes, nappy bags, sanitiser, disposable change mat (or a TNS travel mat) and whatever else I might need for an emergency. This has saved me in so many situations over the years, if you're a mum-to-be this is definitely worth doing!



Leave us a comment below and let us (and other mums) know how you're using your TNS Insert and Organisation Cubes! 



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