A Few Of Our Favourite (Winter) Things...

There’s a little silver lining to winter; cosy newborn snuggles, cuddly blankets, dressing baby in ALLLLL the wooly hats and booties and watching the joy of your toddler jumping in...

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A Few Of Our Favourite (Winter) Things...

Baby it’s cold out there! But seriously, is it even legal to be so damn cold?! Winter is definitely upon us, and whilst we would love to curl up in bed with a hot cup of coffee (let’s face it, an actual HOT cup of coffee is #mumgoals anytime)...we’ve got babies to attend to and toddlers to wrangle so it’s inevitable we’re going to be out and about whether it’s rain (preferably not hail) or shine. There’s a little silver lining to winter; cosy newborn snuggles, cuddly blankets, dressing baby in ALLLLL the wooly hats and booties and watching the joy of your toddler jumping in puddles in cute wellies and raincoats. We’ve curated a few of our favourite winter products to get you through the chill.


baby luno Nordic Footmuff

baby luno nordic footmuff

Ok, so this is a serious game changer! Louise Norell Carter, founder and owner of baby luno created these and they are truly AH-MAZING. Wind resistant and rain resistant, you will literally want to get in yourself! Getting out and about in winter has just become less stressful as you’ll never be worried your baby is warm, they will be snug in something WAY better than a rug. It’s a universal fit for all prams (and even capsules!) and fits from newborn up to 2.5 years so this is a winter investment piece for sure. Need we say more?! Check them out here


Jiffi Portable Bottle Warmer


Milk monsters we hear you! This is a total lifesaver when out and about with bub through the winter months because let’s face it, who wants cold milk in winter really?! Jiffi is a USB charged portable baby bottle warmer & formula dispenser. It can heat a baby's bottle up to 4 times on a single charge and it can keep a bottle warm for up to 5 hours on a single charge. Any mother who has been stuck out with a hungry baby that flat out refuses a cold bottle will get why we are so in love with this. Check it out here 

The Shnuggle baby bath


There’s nothing like a long, hot soak in the tub at the end of a winter’s day (and believe us, it’s a distant memory since we had kids…) but to warm bub up after a day out and about, the Shnuggle baby bath is hands down the best! The clever bum bump supports babies in the water and helps them to sit up during bath time. It also keeps babies feeling safe and secure. The foam back rest keeps the baby cosy as it is comfy for the baby's skin and the bath shape means bub has plenty of water around them to keep them warm. And if you’re attending to a baby AND a toddler, you can pop the Shnuggle bath in your big bath, and get both baby and toddler warm and washed at the same time #winning check them out here

Knitted by Nana Beanie

knitted by nana

Anyone else a sucker for a baby in a beanie?! Oh my ovaries… These beanies are both super cute and super soft. Nana uses 100% Luxury Merino Wool from the Bendigo Woollen Mills, giving the beanies an exquisitely soft handle - the most luxurious pure wool yarn available in Australia. Warm head = warm baby check them out here

Pappe Mews Luxe Slipper


Slippers might just be our favourite part of winter, and whilst we can’t (ok we’ll admit, there’s been occasions) get away with wearing ours out in public...your baby gets free reign! Keep bubs feet toasty and warm in these adorable lambskin slippers. These are crafted and handmade in Italy, so whilst our Italian pumps are gathering dust, these Italian slippers will become your baby (or toddler's) luxury winter staple. Shop them here.

Frank Green Ceramic Cup

Frank Green

Coffee is the fuel that keeps Mums going, and there really is nothing like an actual HOT cup of coffee. We love our Frank Green Ceramic Cup for it’s easy to use one-handed push button AND spill resistant lid (the absolute 2 things every mother needs, to be able to use anything one-handed and to not spill hot coffee on your child/or through your bag). They come in a range of colours, but we are loving their limited edition collection (how many coffee cups is too many coffee cups?) shop here.

The Nappy Society Pram Caddy

Pram Caddy blog

This is our “cannot live without”, an absolute essential, even more so in winter! Ever been caught in the rain with a crying baby whilst frantically trying to rummage through your bag for a dummy or a bottle?! Nightmare. Pram Caddy to the rescue, we literally keep this on our pram at ALL times so we never get caught out without the essentials; nappies, wipes, bottle, snacks, pacifier, keys, wallet, phone. Done. Crisis averted. One of our best sellers and we have just sold out! But more stock is arriving mid-July so pre-order yours here now so you don't miss out.

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