5 Things I Wish I Had When I Had My First Baby: Gemma's Perspective

As a founder of The Nappy Society and mum of now two girls aged 5 and 2, I have had my fair share of the joys (and challenges) of motherhood, and...

5 Things I Wish I Had When I Had My First Baby: Gemma's Perspective

As a founder of The Nappy Society and mum of now two girls aged 5 and 2, I have had my fair share of motherhood's joys (and challenges) and learned a thing or two along the way.

One thing that often comes to mind is the products that would have made my life much easier during those early days with my first daughter.

So, in the spirit of sharing knowledge and helping out fellow parents, here are five items I wish I had when I had my first baby.


1. Organisation Cube Set

The first product I wish I had with my first, and even my second daughter, is our new Organisation Cube Sets (which only launched last year). These would have been perfect for the extra organisation in my baby bag insert, organising my hospital bag and using them for emergency change kits in the car and pram! I was caught out a few times without nappies and wipes for quick trips with my first baby, so having a Cube with nappies, wipes, cream and change mat in the boot and pram at all times would have been a lifesaver!  



2. Portier Baby Carrier 

I wish I had bought this from an aesthetic and practical point of view. As a busy working mum running my own business, it meant I didn't take any maternity leave, and my babies spent a lot of time in a baby carrier as newborns when I was working or running errands. They were more settled and had naps, making it easy for me to be hands-free. I had a hand-me-down carrier from Baby Bjorn, which did the job. Still, if I had my time again, a stylish baby carrier would be one of my top purchases, especially if you plan to have more babies. You can definitely justify the cost per wear. 



3. Hands-Free Breast Pump 

Breastfeeding can be tricky for many reasons, especially if you're a working mum. It was a challenge for several reasons, and I ended up mainly expressing. My one regret is not purchasing a hand-free portable breast pump! A hands-free portable breast pump would have made my life so much easier! Whether you're heading back to work or need a break, being able to pump on the go gives you the freedom to reclaim some semblance of your pre-baby life. Plus, it's a lifesaver for those unexpected moments when you're stuck in traffic or caught up in a meeting.



4. Bunnie Caddie 

A product that needs no introduction but would have been so handy as a new mum is the Bunnie Caddie. It is a lifesaver for the nursery or home organisation. Keep it packed with baby essentials, and those nighttime feeds and changes are made that much easier—you barely need to leave your bed. Game-changer!



5. Missta Bottle 

Another feeding product that would have saved me so many hours is the Missta Bottle, a game-changer for formula-feeding mums. I ended up switching to formula feeding earlier than I thought I would, and having to wake up countless times throughout the night and heat the bottles to the right temperature whilst my baby was crying was not ideal. The Missta Bottles are genius; they keep the water at the perfect temperature for 12 hours, making nighttime feeds (or any feeds) simple and quick. 



And there you have five items I wish I had when I had my first baby. While every mum's journey is unique, having the products can make a world of difference in navigating the ups and downs of motherhood. So here's to smoother nights, happier babies, and more time for what truly matters. x


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Madeline Avery
Cube Set

Great set for organising your handbag or nappy bag. Lovely soft material and smooth zip.

Love it

Great functional sizes. Love the large one for my toilettries and makeup. Good quality feel and such a smooth zipper which zips quite far around so you can open wide and have easy access to everything inside.

Great Little Organisers

I bought these to help organise my hospital bag ahead of my first baby's arrival. These seem to be great quality and I love that they're clear so I can see what's in each one. I think they'll be super handy in my nappy bag post partum too!

Organisation Cube Set for the win!

At first, I was unsure whether this was a necessary purchase or an excessive one give there are a lot of similar options on the market at a much cheaper price point. However I was so impressed when these arrived! The quality of the product, particularly the leather lining and zipper beats any of the other cheap plastic options. Highly durable and will be a much used item. So much so, I am going to purchase another set for my second nappy bag.

Lucie Swaffield
Really nice

I waited for these to come in stock I’m glad I did they are really nice quality and worth the money!

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