12 Tips For Travelling With Your 12-Month-Old

Travelling with your infant can be a dreaded and stressful journey. However, it doesn't have to be all tantrums and tears. We have compiled our top 12 tried and true tips for travelling with...

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12 Tips For Travelling With Your 12-Month-Old

Travelling with your infant can be a dreaded and stressful journey. However, it doesn't have to be all tantrums and tears. We have compiled our top 12 tried and true tips for travelling with your 12-month-old (or younger.)


1. Get a bassinet on long haul flights

Keep bubs comfortable on those dreaded international flights by requesting a bassinet. A standard seat should serve you on shorter flights, but this will be a lifesaver for those long-haul trips. 

Most airports will have bassinets available upon request but always call in advance to double check. Unfortunately, you can't always reserve one in advance so; we'd suggest arriving early to ensure you beat out the punctual mamas.


2. Take a TNS Pram caddy

Say goodbye to sifting through an unorganised baby bag or packed suitcase in the hustle and bustle of an airport.

Simply stock your TNS Pram Caddy with all of bubs essentials, (including passports) and breeze through the terminals with everything you need on hand. They look super sleek too!

pram caddy

3. Get an aisle seat, at the front of the plane

You want to ensure the boarding and departing with bubs goes as smoothly as possible. Booking at the front of the plane will allow you to easily find your seats without luging bubs, and their stuff up the cramped aisles.

An aisle seat also allows you to get up and bounce your restless little one or let them stretch their little legs. It also makes those frequent bathrooms trips much easier.

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4. Take a TNS Insert

Don't compromise your travel style! Grab your favourite tote and keep all mum's and bub's stuff organised and easily accessible with our TNS Insert.

This means you only have to pack one bag for fashion and function. You also don't have to worry about the extra weight from a bulky baby bag.

travel insert

5. Eat earlier meals

Don't miss out on all the top restaurants because you have bubs with you. Treat yourself and your toddler to an early dinner at all the most luxurious restaurants.

Grabbing an early meal means most eateries are less crowded, meaning fewer diners to witness any potential tantrums.



6. Only pack a few nappies, buy more at your destination

Streamline your packing by purchasing nappies, wipes and baby lotions when you arrive. Only pack enough for the flight and perhaps a day or two after you arrive, until you find a local supermarket.


7. Keep a bottle bag and pacifier bag nearby

There are fewer things more stressful than an infant screaming, let alone in the middle of the airport or while exploring the streets of a foreign land.

Beat your hangry or overtired baby by keeping bub's bottles, and pacifiers close. Minimise screaming time with our convenient TNS Bottle Bag and TNS Pacifier Bag, which easily clip onto the side of any pram or bag.

pacifier bag

8. Take advantage of priority boarding

It is a little-known secret that almost every airport allows priority boarding for people with small children. It is totally worth it.

Priority boarding will minimise the stress by giving extra time to stash your belongings overhead and get your baby comfortable and settled.



9. Look into nanny services abroad

This trip doesn't have to be all about your little one. Look into some local nanny or babysitting services so you can spend some time sans baby.

From sipping wine to hitting a show, indulge in all the grown-up delights your destination has to offer. A night off parenting can be a true holiday in itself.


10. Load up your iPad to keep the little one entertained on long haul flights

At 12 months, an infant’s attention span is, well, short. But don't pack a hoard of toys and books to keep bub's attention on long flights, simply load your iPad up with shows and games.

We love to encourage less screen time, but you can certainly make an exception on a 15-hour flight!

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11. Pack light and look into local laundering services at your destination

We probably don't need to remind you, but babies are messy! But don't think that this means you need to pack a years' worth of baby clothes. Do a little research and look into local laundering services.

Where you can, book accommodation which has a washing machine, this is more common in Airbnb’s, than hotel rooms. However, if you'd rather go the hotel route, looking into local laundry mats. Being able to wash and reuse your little one's clothes will be a huge lifesaver when it comes to travelling light.



12. Remember, babies get jetlag too

Just like us, our little ones get jetlag too. To avoid a super sleepy and tantrum-prone baby, cut down on your moving around and stay in your travel destinations longer to let your baby adjust.

There will be nothing worse than wasting your only two days in Prague caring for an overtired infant. You may see less of the country, but you will get more enjoyment out of the places you choose to settle if you're not dragging bubs from city to city every few days.

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